Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a Chilean company with 55 years experience in the cosmetic industry. Over all these years we have specialized in the manufacture of our own products, as well as those of other clients. Moreover, we export and import cosmetic elaborated with optimum raw Materials which are selected in and out of the country.

In view of the fact that we have developed an ample variety of cosmetics, treatments, perfumery and accessories, we have obtained  through our ample experience a position which consolidates our company in the national and international markets.

Our aim, as leaders of this impotant market is to concentrate and compromise ourselves with regard to the quality of all types of products to the máximum satisfaction of our clients. In order to achieve this, our intention is to continue  leading markets through the introduction of new ideas, technological actualization and the follow-up of the latest world tendencies.

Policies of Quality

In our condition of experts and in consequence with our aim regarding quality, all the products which we manufacture comply with the corresponding national sanitary regulations and policies of control established by the Ministry of Health in Chile. Quality 100% guaranteed.

Laboratorio Hudson SA is authorized by the Public Health Institute of Chile.