Manufacture and Packing


Our installation capacity enables us to provide services to third parties in the production of their products, which are manufactured according to their specifications.

Also included is the corresponding technical assistance needed to comply with the requirements and regulations of the Public Health Institute.

At present we manufacture products for different laboratories, cosmetic firms and wholesalers.

Commercialization and Sales

Our company  has a sale organization throughout the country, from Arica to Punta Arenas which commercializes our products to chains of supermarkets, drugstores, wholesalers and retailers, as well as small businesses (bazaars).

The sales administration is centered in our head office, where all national and international orders are received. Moreover, the head office is also in charge of any production planning requested by third parties.


Installation and Quality Control

The constructed surface of the laboratory, including areas of administration and production is 2.700 m2.

The production installations have a capacity for 100 highly qualified persons, who simultaneously work in the different areas:

  • Quarantine
  • Raw Materials Storage
  • Consumables Storage
  • Manufacture
  • Packing
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Storage of Finished Products


Laboratorio Hudson SA is authorized by the Public Health Institute of Chile.

The strict quality control to which all raw materials consumables are submitted guarantees the high quality and safety in the use of our products.